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We normally have a good number of applicants who are taking the IB, and we have a lot of experience in admitting students with it.

King's welcomes applications for all courses that we offer from students studying for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. Our standard IB offer requires an overall score of 40 - 42 (including the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay components) and 7, 7, 6 in the relevant Higher Level subjects.

This page contains a few additional notes for IB students.

Choosing subjects in the IB


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The following page provides useful advice to ensure that the decisions you make when choosing your IB Diploma subjects (and equally importantly when deciding which ones to study at Higher Level) will not unduly limit the opportunities available to you should you decide to apply to King's in the future.

IB applicants starting the new IB Mathematics syllabus are expected to take IB Higher Level 'Analysis and Approaches' for any course where Mathematics is a requirement. If this option is not available at your school, please contact the College that you wish to apply to directly for further advice and guidance.

Some IB candidates need to send a transcript

When you apply, you will need to send a transcript as part of your application if

  • you have not taken six or more GCSEs or IGCSEs in the last three years.
  • you have taken the Middle Years Programme.

Information about sending a transcript is on the Cambridge Admissions website. The transcript can be submitted electronically via the SAQ form (students at school in the UK / European Union) or the COPA form (students at school outside the EU).

Student Perspectives

Accounts by former IB students include:

What is the IB and how can I take it?

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is a two-year course available in almost 150 countries wordwide. If you're looking at this qualification for the first time, do explore the following links:

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