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We welcome applications from students taking A levels, whether you are taking them inside or outside the UK.

Entrance requirements

A level candidates need to have achieved or be predicted to achieve our standard  A Level offer. The grades required depend on the course you apply for:

Choosing A level subjects

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You will also need to be taking suitable subjects for your chosen course. Subject requirements are in the 'applying' section of the relevant subject page.

If you do not yet know what subject you want to apply for, the following page provides useful advice to ensure that the decisions you make when choosing your A level subjects will not unduly limit the opportunities available to you should you decide to apply to King's / Cambridge in the future.

Do A level students need to send a transcript?

If you have not taken the following qualifications in the last three years, then you will need to send a transcript as part of your application:

  • six or more GCSEs or IGCSEs
  • five or more Scottish National Qualifications

Information about what a transcript is and how to send one is on the Cambridge Admissions website. The transcript can be submitted electronically via the SAQ form (students at school in the UK / European Union) or the COPA form (students at school outside the EU).

A level reforms

The UK government is making some changes to AS and A levels for students sitting their qualifications in England. Not all subjects are being reformed at the same time. Please don't worry about this for your application - as long as you are taking three A level subjects we will be happy to consider you with any combination of reformed and unreformed A levels.

Students sitting A levels in Wales or in Northern Ireland are not affected by these changes.

Will I have to provide UMS scores?

If UMS scores are available for some or all of the AS / A level qualifications you are taking then yes, you will be asked for these in the SAQ (or the COPA if you are applying from outside the EU).  If you do not have UMS marks then you cannot provide these, of course, but your teachers will still be able to comment on your progress in the UCAS reference. They may include the results of internal school exams in the reference if appropriate.

When assessing applications, we look at grades and scores in the context of the whole of your application and assess you on your academic potential for your chosen course. Please see what are we looking for? and the relevant subject page.

Are there further exams to take?

This depends on your course.

  • In addition to A levels, candidates for Maths must take STEP papers.
  • For about half of our courses, you need to take a pre-interview admissions assessment (and will need to register for this by 1 October for Medicine or 15 October for all other relevant courses).

A level perspectives

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A levels are the most common qualifications that students study to get into UK universities.

Accounts by students who took A levels before studying at King's include Hannah from Durham,  Will from Lewisham, Joanna from Oxford, Ellen from West Sussex, Ceylon from Bedfordshire, Fraser from Leicestershire, Adam from Dorset, Eleni from Nicosia in Cyprus, and Ellen from Norfolk. More student perspectives (including many more A level candidates) are available.

Specific advice


Please tell us if your studies have been affected by circumstances around you.Credit: Gavin Lynn

At the bottom of the how to apply page, you'll find specific advice for various situations, such as if you are applying with limited support, or if your studies have been disrupted in some way.

The FAQ's include information about re-sits etc.

We encourage you to email us if you can't find the information that you need.

Information for international students

An A level is normally a two-year course in an individual subject. Students in the UK take their A level exams at the end of Year 13 (the final year of school), and we make offers on the basis of three A level subjects, not including General Studies or Critical Thinking.

Lots of students take A levels outside the UK and this is especially useful to do if your local qualifications are not listed on the entrance requirements page. We advise you to contact your local British Council to find out where you can do this. Students who take A levels outside the UK normally use the CIE exam board. Please see their website. You may find the school search useful, though note that it is not comprehensive.

It is possible to apply to Cambridge in the October before you take your A level exams. Please see when to apply.

Further Information

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