The UCAS form: information for international applicants

Application deadlines

The Cambridge application deadline is earlier than for most other UK universities

The information on this page should be read in combination with the details of how to apply and when to apply as an international student.

You must apply to King's through UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). UCAS has a website and the application is made online using 'Apply', the web-based application package.

The UCAS website is your main source of information about your UCAS form. It is worth spending some time in advance to familiarise yourself with what you will need to do and how it works. The following links should be particularly useful:

You will find a lot of clear guidance which should answer most of your questions, so do explore this fully, particularly if you are feeling unsure about the process.

What if I have a question?

If you have a specific query about your UCAS form, please contact UCAS directly as they have the expertise to handle your questions.

If you ask us at King's, we do not have either the UCAS form or the instructions in front of us so it is difficult for us to advise you.

General principles

The UCAS form should not be difficult to fill in. Most international applicants will find the process relatively easy. As long as you read the form and the instructions carefully and do your best to answer the questions, there will be no problem.

The UCAS form is completed by applicants from all over the world, who study for many different qualifications. Please do not be surprised that it may not seem exactly suited to your examination system. Just think that you need to find a way to give full and relevant information so that we can assess your application.

You may find that you are unsure about how to answer a particular question or which piece of information to put where. As long as you find a sensible way to give us information that will make sense to us when we read it, there will be no problem. It might help to ask a teacher or family member if you are unsure. If we are reading your application and something does not make sense to us or we see that there is crucial information missing, we normally email either you or your referee to ask about it.

International applicants send a transcript (a list of the exams you have taken and the grades/scores achieved) but we still want all relevant information on the UCAS form. This form is the first thing we see when we look at your application so we need the information on it even in cases where it is repeated in your transcript. If you have something that you want to explain but cannot find a suitable place on the UCAS form, the SAQ, or the COPA (which non-EU students fill in), you may include a brief letter with your transcript to tell us what you think that we need to know.

The really important points

Choose the College that you intend to choose (there's no going back!)

Bodley's Court, King's College

We will welcome your application if you choose King's!

If you would like to apply to King's College, Cambridge, please choose:

  • Institution name: CAM
  • Institution code: C05
  • College code: K

Unfortunately, if you select a college that you didn't mean to select by mistake on your UCAS form, we will not be able to help you as it is not possible to change your choice after you have submitted the form. If you are at school outside the EU so are also filling in a COPA form, you should choose the same college on both forms.

Provide full information

Please answer the questions on the UCAS form fully even if you were already asked for some of the information on another application form (e.g. the COPA for non-EU students) or if you are also sending a transcript. You risk putting yourself at a disadvantage if you do not fill in all the information that you are asked for.

Provide accurate information

Please check the information that you enter carefully. To help with this, we advise you to have your exam results and certificates in front of you when you fill in the form to ensure that you get the information right.

Provide a suitable referee and ensure that they give us predicted grades if relevant.

We cannot assess your application without a reference. If you will sit exams in the summer of 2018, your referee must provide predicted grades as well as your reference. Please see the references section below for further information.

Have your UCAS form submitted on time


Is your referee available to write your reference in time to meet the deadline? Credit: xlibber (cropped)

It is very important to understand that the Cambridge UCAS deadline is an absolute deadline: we cannot accept late UCAS forms under any circumstances. Not even if your application is only 1 minute late or your computer crashed or your referee was out of the country. It is therefore essential a) to allow yourself time so that if something goes wrong you will have time to sort it out, and b) to ensure that your referee is fully aware of what they need to do and when.

The Cambridge UCAS deadline is 18:00 UK time on 15 October. Students applying for overseas interviews in China, Malaysia or Singapore have an earlier deadline for the UCAS form, COPA and transcript (20 September) in order to be considered for interviews in those locations. If you miss the 20 September deadline it is still possible to apply by 15 October, but you will not normally be considered for interviews in your chosen location - it would be wise to email us for advice if you find yourself in this situation.

Your school and the UCAS reference

If you attend a school, college or university then your reference should be on the UCAS form. Things will be a lot easier if your school or college registers with UCAS and submits your reference through the UCAS website in the normal way. The school will give you a 'buzzword' from UCAS which connects your application to the school.

If it is at all possible for your school to register with UCAS, please ask them to do so. Please pass the following links to your school:

Students applying for interviews in China, Malaysia or Singapore must submit their application by the early deadline of 20 September. These students must ask their referee to send a hard copy of the UCAS reference by post as well as including it on the UCAS form. Cambridge will email your referee directly with details after you have applied. If the application deadline for you is 15 October, you do not need to ask your referee to send us a hard copy in the post, even if you are applying for an overseas interview or are from a non-EU country.

Oriel College, Oxford

You cannot apply to both Oxford and Cambridge in the same year. Credit: Tejvan Pettinger

UCAS Application Tips

  • Please do not apply too early! UCAS applications can be made from early-September. If you apply to us earlier, you will be applying late in the previous admissions round and your application will be rejected automatically.
  • It is essential to meet the UCAS deadline. We do not consider late applications under any circumstances. Remember that it is your responsibility to leave your school/college enough time for them to complete and submit the reference by the deadline (and you must check that this has been done).
  • You cannot apply to both Oxford University and Cambridge University in the same year.
  • We do not require a CV (Curriculum Vitae) in addition to your UCAS form.
  • Your UCAS personal statement should be primarily about your academic interests. We assess all applicants strictly on academic potential. Participation (or not) in specific extra-curricular activities is not taken into account, unless they are relevant to your course. You are welcome to mention extra-curricular activities in your personal statement, but in most cases a few sentences will do. Further information about personal statements.

Is there anything that I need to do in addition to completing a UCAS form?

Yes! The UCAS form is only one part of your application to King's. Please first of all read how to apply as an international student, then read the step-by-step guide to the application process on the how to apply page.

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