Ethnic diversity

Students on the Back Lawn

King's is a diverse, tolerant and informal community. Members of the College come from many different places and cultural backgrounds. Whoever you are, one of the pleasures of coming to King's is that you will meet people from backgrounds very different from your own and learn a huge amount from them.

Encouraging applications

In the 1980s King's collaborated in the founding of the Insight project (originally called GEEMA), a university-wide scheme to encourage talented students from ethnic minority backgrounds in the UK to make an application to Cambridge University.

The Insight project aims to spread the message that you don't have to be from a particular background to study at Cambridge: we admit people based on their academic potential and offer generous financial support, so the opportunities here are open to people from all cultures and backgrounds.

The scheme enables a large number of students to visit Cambridge each year and to meet with admissions staff and current students. Information about applying from an ethnic minority background and specific events is on the Cambridge Admissions website and we encourage prospective students to get involved and find out more.

The King's Admissions Office is also keen to receive emails and visits from potential students. There are issues, both practical and more general, that some students from ethnic minority backgrounds may be concerned about when thinking about living and studying away from home. Please let us know about any concerns and we will do what we can to help.

A King's education

King's is a dynamic place with lots going on. The formal and subject-specific education students receive through supervisions, lectures, seminars and practicals is enriched by a host of other opportunities to learn. These include discussion on all sorts of topics over lunch or in the bar with College friends, during seminars and social activities, and on student visits to other countries and cultures in the vacations, made possible by King's travel grants.

We do our very best to support all our students, from the time they start thinking about an application to King's to the end of their degree course here. In addition to the College's strong academic and pastoral support, the College Student Union (KCSU) has an ethnic minorities representative, who can be a source of useful information once you're here, whether you want a chat or some practical advice.

Students at the Hindu Society

CU Hindu Society Saraswati Pooja, held at King's

The student cultural and religious societies (e.g. CU Hindu, CU Malaysia, CU Islamic, CU African-Caribbean, CU Jewish, CU India, CU Sikh) are also very welcoming if you want to join with other students for organised social events such as talks, Jumma prayer, kosher meals or Diwali dinners. You can often bring friends along, too, and it can be fun to introduce them to foods or festivals from your own culture. The society websites sometimes offer useful information for prospective students – though with so much to do at Cambridge, not all societies manage to keep their websites up to date throughout the year!

If you would like to see lots of photos of students at King's, you might look at these photo accounts of the summer funday organised by King's College Student Union (KCSU):

In a College seminar, undergraduates, graduates and fellows got together to discuss diversity at King's. We thought about what diversity means to us, why it is valuable in our community, and whether King's is as diverse as it should be. We discussed the various implications of ethnic, socio-economic, educational, and international diversity. Not surprisingly, the questions generated many others, and the discussion will go on...

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