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What are your favourite subjects at school and what would you like to do in the future? We hope that students in care or who have previously been in care will think seriously about the opportunities offered in Higher Education, and perhaps here at Cambridge University.

For general information about the opportunities and support for care-leavers in higher education, the Propel website is a good place to start. It's made by the Who cares? Trust for young people with experience of living in care, and it explains a lot of the really important points for care leavers. Did you know, for example, that you can get help with university costs and that adjustments to accommodation arrangements are often available if you've been in care? See in particular:

If you are interested in studying at Cambridge University, please could you read the following pages on the Cambridge undergraduate study website :

Financial support for interview travel costs
To enable applicants to come to interview in Cambridge, all Cambridge Colleges are pleased to provide support for travel costs to students who are in local authority care and who attend a UK maintained sector school/college. Public transport travel costs between £20 and £80 will be reimbursed, and the Colleges will contact eligible applicants directly with further information when they’re invited to interview. NB. This is another reason why it's cruicial that you tick the box on the UCAS form to say that you're a care leaver.

If you have any questions about the information on those pages, do please get in touch with the Realise Events Team, whose details are on the pages, as they can be very helpful.

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As you find out more about studying Cambridge, you will find out about the College system. Like all of the other Cambridge Colleges, here at King's we welcome applications from students who have lived in care. We know that researching higher education and thinking about what you want for your future can feel overwhelming, and we also know that for all sorts of reasons, students with excellent academic potential don't always feel confident to make the applications that they should when they have spent time in care. The thing that we really want you to do is to get in touch with us.

We're keen to find out what you're interested in studying at Cambridge (if you've chosen a subject) and we'll do our best to make sure that you have all the information you need. If you're a UK student, don't assume that you can't afford it, for example - we'll be able to explain how the finances work. Some of you may have questions about particular courses we offer, or want to know about how we asses academic potential and take disruptions or distractions from your education into account when we consider your application, and we'll be happy to discuss the support we can offer to successful students once you are living and studying here (e.g. you can stay in your accommdoation during the vacations etc.).

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