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Applicants with a disability, specific learning difficulty or long term illness

The College is keen to support students with disabilities. Due to the difficulties of altering ancient buildings, access to several College facilities remains awkward. However, there is wheelchair access to the Hall, Bar and the first room of the Library, and movement round the main site is satisfactory. We also have some wheelchair-accessible accommodation. For more information please see:

The University has a centrally situated Disability Resource Centre and ever increasing resources to enable students with disabilities of all kinds to live and study at Cambridge. We encourage any candidate with a disability to contact the College Admissions Office, as well as the Disability Resource Centre, to discuss their requirements:

Application information for candidates with a disability or long term illness

Before you apply

  1. We encourage you to read the disability information and get in touch to discuss your requirements.
  2. Please ensure that any disability assessments are up-to-date and documentary evidence is available by mid-October.


  1. Read the How to apply page thoroughly and follow the application process set out there. The following points are to clarify the process in relation to your disability.
  2. When you complete your UCAS form, please tick the disability disclosure box and choose the most relevant category. You will send us further information later.
  3. If your disability has seriously disrupted or disadvantaged your education, please also have an Extenuating Circumstances form submitted by 15 October.
  4. All candidates who tick the disability disclosure box on the UCAS form are required to send us a disability adjustments form and documentary evidence by 24 October.
    • The form will be available to download on the Applicant Information page at the time.
    • The form should be completed fully even if there is repetition of details that are already on your UCAS form or an Extenuating Circumstances form.
    • Even if your disability does not require specific adjustments, we need confirmation of this.
  5. We will be in touch if we need further information about adjustments required.
  6. If you are invited for interviews, your invitation to interview will not normally make specific reference to adjustments you have requested. Please do not be concerned about this.
  7. In late November you will receive specific confirmation of any adjustments being made for interviews or tests at King's (last year we sent these by email on 26 November).

When you have an offer

  1. the Disability Resource Centre will contact offer holders who declared a disability on their UCAS form regarding support at Cambridge, including the Disabled Students Allowances (DSAs) etc.
  2. Offer holders are supported through the offer-holders' section, and are encouraged to contact King's Admissions Office or the Disability Resource Centre with any questions or concerns relating to a disability.

Documentary evidence

When we ask you to submit the disability adjustments form by 25 October, you will need a) a signature from your school or college and b) to enclose documentary evidence.

The documentary evidence is normally provided by your school or college and confirms your Disability or Specific Learning Difficulties and the allowances currently given in school or college e.g. a letter confirming previous assessment, dates undertaken, Local Authority Statement etc. Students should NOT send a full Educational Psychologist report at this stage unless there is particular reference to the support they require that will help the College make appropriate adjustments to its assessment and selection procedures.

Further Information

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