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An affiliated student is a graduate of another university with an approved degree who is admitted to study for a Cambridge undergraduate course (BA).

Affiliated students study for two years and usually take the last two years of an undergraduate course. An affiliated student cannot be accepted for one year's study only.

Cambridge accepts only a small number of affiliated students and in King's we expect to have two or three such students in a normal year. King's does not accept affiliated applicants for Education, Land Economy, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine. Please also be aware that there is no affiliated version of the following courses: Architecture, History and Modern Languages, and History and Politics.

Successful candidates have a good honours degree (normally a first) from a recommended university. We standardly require a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.75. It is not possible to become an affiliated student if you already hold a B.A (or any other degree) awarded by Cambridge University.

Affiliated applicants must also meet any subject-specific examination requirements for particular courses at Cambridge. For example, Mathematics at A level or equivalent is needed for Economics etc. The requirements for courses can be found on the subject pages.

The application process

Application is made to one college only. Students interested in an application to King's will find a lot of general information about studying at this College in our online prospectus.

Affiliated applicants follow the general process and timetable set out on the how to apply page (including a pre-interview written assessment if required for your course), however a few details are different. When applying, all affiliated candidates should include:

  • an official transcript of your academic record
  • a summary of your university course, including details of the syllabus,  which units you covered, how much teaching you received, and a description of the mark scheme etc.
  • two academic references (the reference on the UCAS form and one additional reference sent by post)

These additional documents should be sent by post to King's College Admissions Office, King's College, Cambridge CB2 1ST, United Kingdom to arrive by the application deadline (15 October). Please write your full name, UCAS number, the course you are applying for, and 'affiliated applicant' clearly on the documents you send.

Most affiliated applicants are then selected for interviews as described on the how to apply page, and we send decisions in early January when we write to all candidates.

The Gibbs Building (a lot of supervisions take place in fellows' rooms in here)


Affiliated students from overseas or continental Europe are eligible for the King's International Studentships. There are no College-specific funds at King's to support affiliated students from the UK.

Tuition fees for UK/EU affiliated students will be £9,486 in 2016-17.  Overseas affiliated students pay the overseas tuition fees set out on the University Admissions website. As well as tuition fees, all affiliated students pay College fees (for affiliated students starting their course in 2016, the College fee is £7,617). Living costs would be the same as for other undergraduates and details can be found on the Costs page.

International affiliated students

Affiliated students from outside the UK are advised to also read the page for international students, which includes a lot of additional information such as how international students are assessed, English language requirements and how to apply as an international student.

If you will need a visa to study in the UK, as well as the general information, international affiliated applicants should be aware of:

Further Information

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