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The application process for Cambridge University includes an admissions assessment, which is specifically tailored to the course you are applying for. Below you can find information about which courses require a pre-interview assessment, and which courses have an assessment which is taken at interview stage by candidates who are selected for interview. 

Courses with pre-interview admissions assessments:

Please find a list of courses with pre-interview admissions assessments here.

IMPORTANT: All applicants for couses that require a pre-interview assessment must be registered by 15 October (or 1 October for Medicine). You will need to be registered by the centre where you will sit the assessment (this is normally your school) . You will then sit the assessment (normally at your school) on 30 October 2019.

Courses with at-interview admissions assessments

Please find a list of course with at-interview admissions assessments here.

Candidates for these courses do not need to register for the admissions assessment. If you are invited for interview, we will automatically organise the relevant admissions assessment for you as part of your interview day timetable.

There is no standard format admissions assessment for Mathematics and Music, however candidates invited for interviews at King's sit a written test set by the Director of Studies at King's in addition to the interviews.

What do I need to know at this stage?

We will continue to consider all aspects of each application rather than using the admissions assessment as a stand-alone mechanism for interview selection. See the information about what we are looking for and developing your academic interests.

No advance preparation will be needed for admissions assessments, other than revision of relevant subject knowledge where appropriate. The details in each case are in the subject links above, and specimen papers are available. If you are applying with limited support or advice, please be assured that all the information you will need about the admissions assessments is provided on this page or linked from it.

If you will be 21 or over at the start of your course, we have a section for mature students, which includes a page on college choice for mature applications. Please see the information for mature students about admissions assessments on that page.

If you will be applying from outside the UK, please read the international students' section, and in particular the page about the support you will need from your school.

If you normally get extra time or other adjustment arrangements in school exams, please read the step-by-step guide on the disability, Specific Learning Difficulty and long-term illness page.

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For pre-interview admissions assessments:

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