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This page is for current King's applicants (who applied in October 2015 for 2016 or deferred 2017 entry).

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This page will help you through the process - do keep an eye on it!

Thank you for submitting a UCAS form and applying to King’s. Below you will find the information you need for the next stages in the application process. This page is now your main source of information until January. Please read the page and links extremely carefully (you'll see that there's a chronological order), bookmark it, and refer back to it regularly. It is essentially the Admissions Office notice board, and you will miss important and useful information and forms if you do not read it.

Current notes for applicants

  • Fewer queries = faster invitations to interview!
    We encourage you to help us to help you by:
    • Reading this section and the Current FAQs thoroughly to see if your question has already been answered.
    • Starting every email with your name, subject (includiong 'Biological' or 'Physical' if Natural Sciences) and UCAS number.
    • Sending an email rather than phoning (we can answer your query more efficiently that way).
  • If you have already received an invitation to interview:
    • Please do not email your interviewers under any circumstances.
    • We are prioritising writing to / scheduling and sending invitations to candidates who have not yet heard. We may be slow replying to students who already have an invitation but please check For applicants invited to interviews in Cambridge and the Current FAQ's in the meantime.
  • Overseas students: If you have received a letter from Dr Mody, please ensure that you read the white page with your address on it carefully.  Further information.

The application process

Please ensure that you have read the how to apply page thoroughly. It sets out the application process from beginning to end. It is also essential for all King's candidates to read the pre-interview notes (you may be at a disadvantage if you do not read this page), and to check your email regularly at the email address that you wrote on your UCAS form. NB. All candidates should have sent a Fee status, data protection and UMS form to King's. If you have not already done this, please read the Current FAQs.

Invitation to interviews in Cambridge
(Information for 15-30 Nov)

Interviews at King's will take place between Monday 7 December and Tuesday 15 December 2015 (inclusive). Please keep these dates free.

The page above tells you which dates we expect to interview for each subject. These dates are provisional and may change. It is important to keep 7-15 December free.

The initial assessment of your application and scheduling of interviews and tests takes us some time. We will write to you in the second half of November to let you know if you have been selected for interview and give you your interview timetable if relevant. We will also write to students who have not been selected for interview.

We send interview invitations (or letters to say that you have not been selected for interview) both by email and by post to all applicants. For information, we let you know on this page when we have sent emails / letters for your subject so if anything goes astray you will know and can get in touch.

Applicants for the following subjects should have received an email from King's:

  • Emails sent 16/11: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
  • Emails sent 17/11: Geography; Linguistics; Modern and Medieval Languages
  • Emails sent 18/11: Philosophy, History of Art; HSPS
  • Emails sent 19/11: Economics; Computer Science; Classics
  • Emails sent 20/11: History; Natural Sciences (Biological only); Law; Psychological and Behavioural Sciences
  • Emails sent 23/11: Chemical Engineering via Engineering, Engineering
  • Emails sent 24/11: Theology and Religious Studies; Natural Sciences (Physical); Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences
Applicants for the following subjects will also receive a letter by post:
  • Letters posted 17/11: Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic; Geography
  • Letters posted 18/11: Linguistics; Modern and Medieval Languages, Philosophy, History of Art
  • Letters posted 19/11: Economics; HSPS, Computer Science
  • Letters posted 20/11: Classics, History
  • Letters posted 23/11: Natural Sciences (Biological); Law; Psychological and Behavioural Sciences
  • Letters posted 24/11: Chemical Engineering via Engineering; Engineering; Natural Sciences (Physical);
  • Letters to be posted 25/11: Theology and Religious Studies; Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences
If your subject is listed above and you have not heard from us (either by email or by letter) within five working days of when we wrote to you, please get in touch with us.

If you are having an overseas interview, this section does not apply to you - please ignore it.

Overseas (i.e. non-EU) students have been sent a document by post which, when presented with an interview invitation, will enable them get a visa (these were posted on 30 October). Information about visas for interviews.

For applicants invited to interview in Cambridge
(Information for late Nov-15 Dec)

Your invitation to interview states the date, time(s) and location(s) of all interviews and tests (if relevant), and directs you to any details you need.

We will not provide hard copies of the documents below during interview week. If you would find it useful to have any of the information with you on the day of your interviews, please ensure that you bring it with you.

January: Decisions for all applicants

Monday 11 January 2016 We will post decision letters to all applicants who had interviews in Cambridge, overseas interview candidates, and affiliated applicants. This is a University-wide posting date.
Tuesday 12 January 2016 (from 9am) We will send decision emails to all applicants who had interviews in Cambridge, overseas interview candidates, and affiliated applicants. Please note that this will take some time - some of you will not receive your email until the afternoon.

 The Cambridge Admissions website has information about the possible outcomes.

Contacting King's Admissions Office

Email with applicant details

Please help us to help you by including the details we need at the start of every message.

To enable us to work efficiently, we ask you to start all emails / letters with the following information:

  • Your full name (as you wrote it on your UCAS form: please do not use alternative or shortened names)
  • Your subject (including 'Biological' or 'Physical' if it is Natural Sciences)
  • Your UCAS Personal ID.

We strongly prefer you to contact us by email if possible:

Other contact details:

Undergraduate Admissions Office
King's College
United Kingdom

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