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The University of Cambridge is committed to admitting students of the highest intellectual potential, irrespective of social, religious or financial considerations.

We hope to encourage all school pupils with the necessary ability, enthusiasm and potential to consider an application to Cambridge. King’s College aims to recruit the students who can most benefit from what we have to offer and we have initiated several schemes with this in mind.

King's organises and undertakes visits to schools, as well as co-ordinating visits to the College by school pupils and teachers. We welcome enquiries from any school or college, and we will try our best to work with any school that approaches us. We can provide sessions for students, teachers and other supporters of applications.

  1. Year 12 - School visits to King's or King's visits to Schools
  2. Year 10 and 11 - King's visits to Schools
  3. How to request a school visit
  4. Handouts for schools
  5. Further information

Year 12

Students from Hartlepool

The English Martyrs Sixth Form, Hartlepool

Visits to King’s College for Gifted and Talented students

We welcome groups of Gifted and Talented students from all over the country in order to show them at close hand what King's College and the University of Cambridge have to offer and provide information about the application process. So far as is possible and subject to vacation periods, our undergraduates are also involved in these events so that visitors can ask questions of students who have been through the process and now study at Cambridge.

Unfortunately we cannot host or organise such visits during our exam period (usually from the end of April to mid June) and our admissions period (September to December).

Please see the Getting to King's page for useful information about arriving by train or coach. We will provide a risk assessment and ask a member of staff from each school/college to sign a safety agreement prior to the visit.

King's visits to schools and colleges

We visit schools and colleges to give presentations about the University of Cambridge and King’s, run workshops on the application process and to participate in Higher Education events for individual schools or areas. Teacher training sessions and events for parents can also be arranged.

Shadowing Scheme

King's hosts Year 12 students from schools without a tradition of top university entry to stay in College and shadow a student studying their proposed course as part of the CUSU Shadowing Scheme.

Year 10 and 11

King's visits to schools and colleges

We visit schools and colleges to provide advice and guidance for years 10 and 11 about selective universities in general and Cambridge in particular. The idea is to raise aspirations and show students what hard work at school could lead to. Practical advice will also be given about subject choices for A level or IB. The aim is for these visits to be interactive and as such they will often include workshop activities depending on the size of the group. King's will work in conjunction with the school to ensure that each cohort of students is specifically catered to.

King's Access Bus

One of the most successful initiatives made by the College has been the student-run Access Bus which travels to the North East of England each year and visits a number of schools in the Easter vacation to run Higher Education workshops with year 10 pupils. School student feedback on these visits has been very positive.

How to request a school visit

We welcome requests from schools and colleges. The most efficient way to request a visit is to fill in and return a visit request form (pdf version) so that we have all the information we need.  

We will respond to let you know if they are able to work with your group and what will be possible. For visits to King's, a risk assessment and safety agreement (to sign and return) will be provided as well as a timetable and full practical details for the visit.

King's does not make, host or even organise visits during the admissions round (September to mid-January). We are also unable to host visits to King's during the quiet exam period (end of April to mid-June).

Handouts for schools

Year Resource Printing suggestion Content
11 Subject Matters double-sided Advice: subject choices for sixth form
12 Sciences

We suggest that these booklets work best printed in one of the following formats:

  • double-sided with 2 pages per side and a staple in the corner
  • as a booklet

Detailed student accounts which give sixth formers (amongst many other aspects) a realistic understanding of academic expectations, the pace of student life, being part of a College, and admissions interviews.

If you prefer to give students a link, please use this one.

12 Arts booklet

Further Information

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