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Students at an Open Day

Prospective students are welcome to visit King's. If you have been reading about studying at King's on this website and are interested in a potential application for an undergraduate course, one way to find out more is to attend one of our Open Days. You'll get your questions answered by Admissions staff and often meet subject specialists too, chat with current students and have a guided tour of the College. These events are a great way to get a feel for King's, how the University works and what Cambridge is like as a city, as well as finding out more about the application process.

King's Open Days and Events in 2018

Students at an Open Day

Tour of King's with a current student

Open Day sessions are for prospective undergraduate students only, though parents and guardians will be able to visit the Chapel and public areas of the grounds in most cases.

Tuesday 18 September 2018 - Year 13 open afternoon (all subjects)

This is an opportunity for you to get to know King's a little better. It is designed for students who will be applying in October 2018. There will be a talk, students can meet a specialist in the subject they are interested in (subject to availability) and chat to current King's students as well as have a tour.  You arrive between 13.00 and 13.30 and the event finishes at 17.15.

Booking is now closed for this event

Teachers - Please note that King's Open Days are not suitable for bringing groups to. They are designed for individual students specifically interested in applying to King's. If you would like to bring a Year 12 school group to find out more about studying at Cambridge Univeristy, please see our Schools' Liaison page.

Year 12 Masterclasses and Events in 2018

Students at an Open Day

Visiting King's Library on an open day

Visiting King's at other times

Student walking down the back path to the college

Avenue (path from the back gate)

Prospective students are always welcome to visit King's. You should let the Visitor Guides on the Gate know that you are visiting as a prospective student. If there is no Visitor Guide or you see a 'College Closed' sign, please do not be put off - introduce yourself to the porters in the Porters' Lodge, which you'll find on your left, just inside the entrance.

The public areas of King's will be open to you and information can be picked up from the Porters' Lodge. Guided tours of the College are only available at Open Days but if you want to, you could download and print our self guided tour for prospective students to bring with you.

Appointments with an Admissions Officer
(available Mon-Fri mid-January to the end of August only)

If you would like to speak with one of our Admissions Officers (Caro and Emma) when you visit, it would be wise to email us in advance to book an appointment. These meetings normally last up to 15 minutes. We suggest that you read the Study at King's section of this website thoroughly in advance and think about what you would like to ask.

The Admissions Office is in the Gibbs Building, which is the large white building facing you as you enter the College. We are in the second door from the left, with 'F' written above it. You can see the Gibbs Building behind the fountain in our virtual tour or on the college map.

Visiting the rest of the University

As well as visiting King's you will probably want to visit other parts of the University. If you are on your own, one good way to do this is to make use of the Following in the Footsteps audio tour. This is a tour designed especially for prospective applicants. If you download the track to an iPod or MP3 player (many mobile phones can function as one of these) and follow the map, you will see all the main parts of central Cambridge, get some useful tips about applying and learn all about student life and the structure of the University. The University maps may also be helpful.

Visit to the Zoology Department

The Zoology Museum

The University has some very interesting and significant teaching collections / museums which might be relevant depending on your subject. Many of the resources are used in undergraduate teaching. Admission is free of charge (except for the Botanic Gardens). Check the opening times and locations on the websites.

If you are looking for more events in Cambridge, do check the Cambridge page in our subject resources. If you visit King's for the July Open Days, there are Cambridge University Open Days on as well. Each faculty has an infomation stand and you can attend subject sessions and taster lectures and chat with more academics and current students in your subject. The University Library and teaching collections are also open to visit on these days.

What if I can't visit King's / Cambridge?

Dining in the Hall

Members of King's eating in the Hall

Don't worry: it is not essential to visit King's or Cambridge before applying.

Full information is available in our online prospectus (and you can email us with further questions), you can use the virtual tours to look around the College (see the section below), and you should also find the college map, and facilities section useful. The King's Student Perspectives give you an insight into what it is really like to live and study at King's, and are particularly useful if you have not had the opportunity to chat with current students on an open day. Finally, we have a page about applying with limited support or advice which may be useful if you feel that it is relevant in your case.

Virtual tours

Virtual tour screenshot

If you want to explore King's online, we have 360º virtual tours so that you can see the grounds and learn about the College's history from embedded information points (do click on 'Navigate the grounds' to see different parts of the College).

Travel and accommodation

There is useful information on the Getting to King's page about arriving by plane, train, car or coach. Students who are (or have previously been) in care may be eligible for financial assistance from the University Open Day travel fund for students in Care.

Unfortunately, apart from the small number of rooms available to eligible students through the Link Area Accommodation Scheme, we are not able to provide accommodation at King's for individual students visiting or attending Open Days. Some of the Cambridge Colleges provide Bed & Breakfast at specific times of the year. There is a database of other accommodation on the Visit Cambridge website or see the Cambridge Visitor Information Centre contact details. You might like to look at the further information about accommodation in Cambridge.

Tip: Most of the hotels in central Cambridge are expensive. It might be worth considering accommodation 1-2 miles from King's, or near the train station, and exploring the Youth Hostel and B&Bs as well as hotels to get cheaper prices. The local bus/taxi services may be useful if you do not want to walk (useful links: bus routes; bus timetables or taxis).

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