Social life

Students under the Gibbs' Building

King's provides a relaxed and friendly environment where it's easy to meet people. When new students arrive each year, we have a Freshers' Week designed to welcome them and ease them into College life. More generally, King's is a fairly small community with lots of events and activities throughout the year, so there are plenty of opportunities for friendships to develop. Students from all backgrounds quickly feel at home in College.

Social mix

King's students come from a wide range of national, cultural, and social backgrounds and study a range of subjects. They have different interests, political views, music tastes, sexual orientations, etc. So there's no need to worry about fitting in.

One distinctive feature of King's is the informal atmosphere. Undergraduates, postgraduates and Fellows all mix together. Shared areas such as the popular bar and coffee shop facilitate informal discussion with all members of College, and you're just as likely to see students and Fellows deep in discussion half way along a path on the way back from a lecture as in a supervision or seminar. 

The close personal and intellectual relationships at King's are amongst the most enjoyable aspects of College life. Whether you are discussing something academic or not, you will constantly be exposed to new ideas and different perspectives, and you'll be encouraged to join in all manner of activities and discussions. Your friends and colleagues at King's will educate you as well as your supervisors and lecturers - and you will be educating them too.


Students at the King's Affair

Students organise their own live music evenings in the bar, as well as popular dance nights, debates, film screenings, charity fundraisers, quiz nights, and summer barbecues, so there is always plenty going on. New ideas are welcome too if you can think of a particular event that might work well in College, or if you want to form a King's group to go to an event at another College or in the city centre.


King's has a reputation for providing some of the best music nights in the city. Recent events have featured drum'n'bass, live jazz and funk, indie, and an Ibiza foam party.

At the end of the autumn and spring terms there are large parties (called 'Mingles'), and at the end of the year students put on a Funday (see photo accounts) and the 'King's Affair', which is like a May Ball but much less formal. The dress code is relaxed and you can chat on cushions in the courtyards, listen to different kinds of music in rooms around College, have a go on bumper cars or the bouncy castle, and get food. Basically, it's a huge all-night party with your friends.

Two students at the King's Affair

The catering department lay on weekly 'Formal Halls'. These are special dinners which make the most of the atmospheric College Hall and are a good occasion for inviting friends from other Colleges. King's Formal Halls are very popular events, and tend to sell out quickly!

On the academic side, both students and Fellows organise a large number of lectures, seminars, and conferences throughout the year.

Apart from student and College events, King's is a busy venue for public events such as concerts and art exhibitions. The concerts are normally held in the Chapel or Hall, and you can usually get student discounts on the tickets. Have a look at the Events calendar to get an idea of what events take place here.

Clubs and societies

Students hiking

The informal nature of King's makes it easy to join in with activities around the College. You may already have particular interests or you may want to try something new. College activities are very friendly and inclusive, so it's easy to just turn up and find plenty of others who share your enthusiasm. See Societies and Sport.

Meeting places

The College has plenty of areas for socialising so you'll naturally meet up with friends both during the day and in the evenings, whether it be in the bar, over lunch in the hall, for a break in the coffee shop, on the river bank, or in the gardens, TV rooms and common rooms. See Facilities.

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