King's College Student Union (KCSU) and King's College Graduate Society (KCGS) contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and social life of the College, through a network of student societies. Decisions on the allocation of funds between sporting, musical, drama, and other societies are made through these bodies. They also have representatives on the committees dealing with the governance of the College.


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The KCSU is a body designed to make student life easier. Promoting the well-being of students is our first aim, as outlined by the Constitution. Historically it has achieved a lot, from advocating the introduction of the C1 key so that students can open gates and doors after College hours to fighting against rises in rent bands and tuition fees.

We organise entertainment from formal halls to parties; we provide condoms, rape alarms and pregnancy tests. Every year we help students who would be otherwise disadvantaged in applying to Cambridge by providing guidance and helping organise Open Days, and we help candidates when they come for interviews. Every week we sit through boring meetings to make sure that things are going well.

Student meeting

An open meeting
(Photo: Juan Zober de Francisco)

The KCSU used to be a lot more radical than it is now. In the 80s it was a constant thorn in the 'Man's' side, giving support to protest and strike groups. We gave money to miners' strikes, we protested and we wrote letters to governments.

Today it is decidedly less radical, and we are no longer able to give support to charities or organisations that aren't advocating policy changes that would directly affect our students. Nevertheless, KCSU, like King's, remains a very politically-charged and active body.

KCSU and KCGS welcome all students who want to get involved, whatever their level of commitment or political persuasion.

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