University and College fees

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King's graduate students are required to pay both University fees and College fees. The College fee per annum for graduates registered for a research degree is £2,424. For graduates studying for non-research certificates, diplomas, or tripos examinations the College fee is £5,703 per annum (rates correct for 2013-14).

The precise amount of the University fee, which is separate from the College fee, depends on your subject of study and your citizenship status. For the current fees see the main Graduate Admissions website.

Other costs


The rent for College rooms, including heating and electricity is from £1027.58 to £1693.86 per quarter, depending on the room. It is expected that the College rents will increase by more than the rate of inflation over the next few years. King's is able to guarantee accommodation to all graduate students for at least 1 year.

College flats are leased for a period of 9 months or 12 months and rent is paid monthly by standing order. These flats are reserved for students who will be living with partners and/or with children.


All students who live in College owned accommodation pay a Catering Charge per term. In the first year of a graduate course, this charge is £124.28 per term. In later years, the charge is reduced to £62.14. There is no further charge during the summer. Meals are provided in the Dining Hall. Members of King's pay a reduced rate.

Financial support

Graduate grants

Most grant-making bodies pay all fees plus maintenance. The College recommends that at least £13,000 is needed for maintenance per year.

King's Studentship

You can also apply for the King's Studentship (see notes below). The deadline for applications to this fund is the 31 January of each year and applicants will be notified of the results between July and August of that same year. All awards will be tenable from 1 October, the beginning of the new academic year. Applications can be downloaded from this website (see below).

For graduate funding provided by the College itself use the following links to King's Studentship information:

See also: the University's Graduate Admissions website.

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