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Graduate students are required to pay a University Composition Fee (UCF). This is the fee levied for teaching, supervision, student support and the facilities you will receive and have access to from the University and your College.

For course costs, fees and funding opportunities please see the following Graduate Admissions page for Finance, Fees and Funding.

Proof of funding for the cost of your course needs to be in place before you start your course. You are therefore strongly advised to apply to all available sources of funding available to you as soon as possible.

Other costs


The rent for College rooms, including heating and electricity is from £1,368.49 to £2,161.32 per quarter, depending on the room. It is expected that the College rents will increase by more than the rate of inflation over the next few years. King's is able to guarantee accommodation to all graduate students for at least one year.


All students who live in College owned accommodation pay a Catering Charge per term. In the first year of a graduate course, this charge is £142.67 per term. In later years, the charge is reduced to £71.34. There is no further charge during the summer. Meals are provided in the Dining Hall. Members of King's pay a reduced rate.

Financial support

Graduate grants

Most grant-making bodies pay all fees plus maintenance. The College recommends that at least £13,740 is needed for maintenance per year. See the University's graduate funding page.

King's Studentship

King’s College is fortunate in being one of the best funded Colleges in Cambridge for graduate studentships. To maximise our funding for studentships, around 50% of our overall studentship funds are allocated into a Collegiate University Shared Funding Scheme, which means that for every £1 we contribute to the scheme, the University or one of its shared funding partners will match.

Outside of this shared scheme, there are other funds for King’s studentships that, due to donor restrictions, are wholly administered by King’s College. When available, these studentships will be advertised below, with full requirements and selection criteria as well as information on how and when to apply.

King’s studentships are awarded on academic merit. 


The competition for a King’s Studentship is open to any individual beginning a new graduate degree as a member of King’s College and the University of Cambridge. 

It is advisable to choose King’s as your first choice College on the application form in the Applicant Portal as it will maximise your chances of being offered membership here and to be eligible for a King’s Studentship.

Value of Studentship

Most King’s doctoral awards provide full funding for University Composition Fees and living expenses.  In some circumstances, awards may be reduced, for instance to take into account existing awards or offers from other funding bodies for the same course.  Also some Masters awards may not be fully funded.


King’s studentships are tenable for up to the normal minimum length of the degree and are renewed annually subject to satisfactory progress.

Notification of Studentship Awards

Notification to successful applicants will start to be sent in March and will continue until around the end of July.  The award communication will be sent from the University Central Funding Office. 

How to Apply

Applications are made via the Cambridge University Applicant Portal by typing ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Apply for Cambridge Scholarships’ in the Scholarships section of the on line application.

Closing Date for Studentship Applications

The closing date for studentship applications is either the closing date for GRADSAF applications, which is the 3rd January, or the closing date for the course to which you are applying, whichever date is the earliest.  To find the closing dates for courses, please see the Cambridge University Graduate Admissions Course Directory page.

Current Studentships wholly administered by King's


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