King's offers single rooms to all graduate students whenever possible, and tries to guarantee two years of accommodation to each student (normally in the first and final year of graduate study). Graduate rooms are available from the start of term through to 30 June every year, with an option to extend into the summer if required.

First years

After being offered a place at King's, you are invited to fill in a form to request accommodation, in early August. Once your request is received, your accommodation is allocated by the College Accommodation Officer as soon as the University Graduate Admissions office confirms your place, and you have met all conditions of entry. You can also specify if you wish to be guaranteed a room in at the lower end of the rent scale. It is not normally possible to specify which building you wish to live in, although the Accommodation Officer will also take into account any students with special accommodation needs (such as disabled access). First year students are currently allocated to one of three places: Cranmer Road Hostel, Grasshopper Lodge and Tennis Court Road. This changes from time to time according to circumstances.

Please note, because the numbers of graduates requiring accommodation each year can fluctuate, there is normally a deadline in late-August by which you must request accommodation and have your place confirmed. Advance notice of this deadline is provided from year to year. If your place is confirmed only after the deadline (or you request accommodation only after this deadline), we cannot guarantee that we will have accommodation available.

Room ballot

After your first year, if you wish to apply for accommodation for further years, this is assigned by random ballot. Final-year students are guaranteed accommodation, and they choose first. Anyone else who would like to apply for a room, if available, can chose afterwards in a randomly-generated order.


Rents for rooms are set according to the facilities they have (size, amenities, desirability, etc.), and are organised into 6 bands. The most expensive rent is £2054.30 per quarter, the cheapest £1300.70 per quarter. There is also a separate kitchen fixed charge of £129.70 in your first year and £64.85 in subsequent years. Our rental prices are average amongst Cambridge colleges.

Rooms at King's

All have a bed, a desk, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, bookshelves and a reading lamp. They usually also have an easy chair and a coffee table. Internet access is available in all rooms via a wired (ethernet) connection and some have access to the King's Wi-fi network. Here are descriptions of some of the accommodation buildings that may be available:

Tennis Court Road - first years

Tennis Court Road

This hostel is located about 12 minutes walk from King's. One of the main attractions of the rooms here is their close proximity to many of the University departments, particularly Engineering and Chemistry. There is a large kitchen/common room on the ground floor, and smaller kitchens on the upper floors. There are shared bathroom facilities, and each room has its own washbasin. There are also laundry facilities onsite. The majority of rooms in this building are at the smaller / cheaper end of the rent scale.

Grasshopper Lodge - Mixture of continuing and first years

Grasshopper Lodge

Grasshopper is just off Grange Road, about 10 minutes' walk from the College, so it is close to the University Library and the Sidgwick Site.  Grasshopper has 28 rooms and a large garden. Each room has its own washbasin, with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. There is a laundry and a large common room. Rooms are available in a variety of sizes and the rents vary accordingly.

Cranmer Road - first years

Cranmer Road

Cranmer Road is just off Grange Road, about 10 minutes' walk from the College, so it is close to the University Library and the Sidgwick Site, and next door to Grasshopper Lodge (above). The house has 17 rooms, a large garden and a summerhouse. Each room has its own washbasin and fridge, with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. There are kitchens on every floor, and a common room downstairs. Rooms are available in a variety of sizes and the rents vary accordingly.

King's Parade - continuing students

King's Parade

This hostel is situated opposite the main entrance to the College above the shops, and is made up of several smaller buildings. It is 10 minutes' walk from the University Library, and there are 27 rooms, some of which have beautiful views of the chapel. Each building has, on average, three rooms to a floor, with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities in each building. Some of the rooms have washbasins. There is also a lovely outdoor communal space, which is great when the weather is nice. There are no laundry facilities or common room, as there is a central laundry and graduate suite on the main college site. There are 27 rooms of various sizes and rents on various floors, and the rents vary accordingly.

Kingsfield - continuing students


This house is located next to the University Library and is about 5 minutes walk from the College and 2 minutes from the University Library. Kingsfield is a house shared by eight graduates, and it is large and quiet, with reasonably spacious rooms and its own garden. Each student has his/her own room with large shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. There is no common room apart from the kitchen, and laundry facilities are available next door at Garden Hostel (an undergraduate hostel.) Rooms are available in a variety of sizes and the rents vary accordingly.

Couples and families

Unfortunately, the College has very limited accommodation for families and couples. Occasionally space in College-owned flats becomes available to graduate students. Students who need family accommodation should get in touch with the Accommodation Officer, who will be able to give an indication of the availability of flats. The University Accommodation Service can also advise.


National Code logo

King's College accommodation is accredited by ANUK. You can read about the ANUK Code for student accommodation on the National Code website.

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