Junior Research Fellowships

Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowships

Each year, the college holds competitions for Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowships. These support gifted young researchers for four years; generally Junior Research Fellows are appointed within two years of the award of a doctorate.

The Fellowships give young researchers an opportunity to establish their career before moving on to become fully independent researchers. Junior Research Fellows have freedom to carry out their chosen research projects within the academic environment of the College and the University departments.

Non-Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowships

The college also holds competitions for Non-Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowships. These enable young researchers working within the University with external support to participate in college life as Fellows.

Non-Stipendiary Fellows usually have a personal research fellowship from a body such as the Royal Society, the British Academy, Wellcome Trust or the Research Councils. They may also be post-doctoral Research Associates, funded through research grants.

Active Competition

King's College wishes to appoint, with effect from 1 October 2016, one or more Non-Stipendiary Junior Research Fellows in any area of the Biological or Medical Sciences.

The main function of our Non-Stipendiary Fellowships is to offer researchers who have already secured external funding at Cambridge University the chance to participate in College life and enjoy the benefits of a College Fellowship. Applicants must therefore have external funding support for their salary for at least two years from 1 October 2016.

The closing date for the competition is 9 am on Wednesday 4 May 2016. Full details, including the method of application, can be found on the further particulars pages.

King’s College follows an equal opportunities policy.

Timetable of appointments

Junior Research Fellows are appointed by the College Research Committee following interviews in mid-July and mid-January. One Fellow is usually appointed in sciences and one in arts and humanities on each occasion.

For July appointments advertisements will appear in April and May, with closing dates for applications between the end of April and beginning of June. Short listed candidates will be informed in mid-June to early July.

For January appointments advertisements will appear in August with closing dates in September. Shortlisted candidates will be informed in the first part of December.

Advertisements and further particulars will appear on this website when competitions are announced.

Current Junior Research Fellows

See Current Junior Research Fellows.

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