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Method of application

Graduates of any university are eligible. Applications are welcome from candidates in any area of the Sciences, Mathematics or Engineering. Candidates must have external funding support for their salary for at least two years from 1 October 2014. Applications are welcome from Royal Society University Research Fellows, Postdoctoral and Advanced Fellows of the Research Councils of the United Kingdom, Herchel Smith Fellows, Research Fellows of the British Academy, Holders of Fellowships from the Wellcome Trust or the Leverhulme Trust, or Holders of any PostDoctoral Appointment at any of the Departments of Cambridge University.

The source of external funding, its duration and amount must be stated in any application. The Fellowship lasts for up to 4 years, or till the end of the external funding - whichever is sooner.

The closing date for the Non-Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship Competitions is 14 May 2014. The application materials must be received before the closing date for full consideration. About two to three weeks after the closing date, the College will contact selected applicants by email to ask for samples of written work, up to 20,000 words (either two or three published papers or chapters of a doctoral thesis). Short-listed candidates will be invited for interview on Thursday, 17 July 2014.

To apply, go to the FAS website and create an application.

Before the closing date, applicants must complete all sections of the online Fellowship Application and upload onto the website (PDF or Word files only) the following:

  • A curriculum vitae (including details of higher education, degrees awarded, positions held and a list of publications), this CV to be no longer than 4 A4 sides long.
  • A document containing a statement of current research and proposed research to be undertaken during the Fellowship, such document to be no more than 3 A4 sides long.

Applicants must also arrange for three letters of recommendation. Each referee will be asked to provide the names of two further readers, not in the candidate's institution, to whom work might be sent if the candidate is long-listed. It is the duty of the candidate to ask the referees to submit the references before the closing date.

Your referee will need to provide a reference through the FAS website. They will be sent two emails providing the information they need to do so. Referees unable to submit references electronically may write directly to the Provost's Personal Assistant, King's College, Cambridge.

Note that all application materials must be in the English language.

The application will not be considered in the competition until it has been submitted and all references received. An email will be sent once this has occurred.

There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions available.

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