Current Research

There are over 100 Fellows at King's. They carry out a huge variety of research, from investigating the origin of the Universe to uncovering the classical world. The following articles and media give a taste of some of the research being done at the moment.

Sophie Van Der Zee

Research Associate develops a new lie detector

College Research Associate Dr Sopie Van Der Zee and her colleagues have developed a new lie detector based on body movements.

January 2015

Bill Burgwinkle

Troubadours, medieval erotica and the myth of a national language

Prof Bill Burgwinkle is looking at how the culture of the Middle Ages has influenced the modern world.

September 2014

Mark Ainslie

Saving space and energy with superconductors

Mark Ainslie is studying how superconductor material can be used in electric motors to make them smaller and more powerful.

June 2014

Hanna Weibye

The roots of German identity

Hanna Weibye is looking at how German nationalism evolved in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and the relationship between physical culture and national identity.

March 2014

Bert Vaux

Discovering dialects of world English

Linguist Bert Vaux talks about the survey of English dialects that he devised, which was featured in The New York Times and went viral across the web.

February 2014

Francesco Colucci

Investigating natural killers

Francesco Colucci is looking at how Natural Killer (NK) cells can help treat cancer and prevent complications in pregnancy.

February 2014

A photo of Suchitra Sebastian

Solving a global problem with superconductors

Suchitra Sebastian explains how work such as hers developing new superconductors will bring a revolution more dramatic than the Industrial Revolution.

February 2014

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