E.M. Forster on Radio 3

E.M. Forster in 1915. (Photograph © Edward Leigh)

Novelist E.M. Forster (1879-1970, King's College 1897) wrote and re-wrote his novel of homosexual love, 'Maurice', from 1925 until his death. Copies of the manuscript were shared among his friends but it was not published until 1971 (shortly after his death). Radio 3's 'Literary Pursuits' presenter Sarah Dillon interviewed Wendy Moffat, whose book describes the re-discovery of 'Maurice', and Philip Gardner, who edited the first edition. The interviews took place in the King's College archives, consulting the Forster papers.

‘Literary Pursuits – Maurice’, will be broadcast on BBC's Radio 3 on Sunday, the 9th of July at 6:45PM. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06tw5nn for further information.

5 July 2017