Book launch for Matthew Gandy's Moth

Cover of Moth
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King's Fellow, Professor Matthew Gandy has written a new book, Moth. This book forms part of the Reaktion Animal series which weaves together aspects of science with cultural history.

Labelled as "wonderfully idiosyncratic" by The New York Times, the Animal series offers a novel approach to exploring the historical significance of various animals. Matthew's book focuses on the moth: long associated with darkness and the gothic imagination, yet significant in a myriad of other ways, from silk production to sensitive indicators of environmental change.

 "The rich history of vernacular names speaks to the significant place of moths in early cultures of nature: names such as the Merveille du Jour, the Green-brindled Crescent and the Clifden Nonpareil evoke a sense of wonder that connects disparate fields such as folklore, the history of place and early scientific texts, " Matthew writes.

Book Launch of Moth
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The Cambridge book launch for Moth will be held on:

17.30 - 19.00, Thursday 9th June

Periodicals Room, the Library, Department of Geography, Downing Place

All are welcome!

To register for the free event, please visit Eventbrite or RSVP to


Matthew Gandy is Professor of Cultural and Historical Geography. His previous books include Concrete and Clay: Reworking Nature in New York City (2002) and The Fabric of Space: Water, Modernity, and the Urban Imagination (2014). Further information about Matthew and his research is available from his personal website and his blog, Cosmopolis.

1 June 2016