Major theft announced by King's

Please note: this news story was published on 1 April.

King’s College today announced it has become the victim of the largest musical instrument theft in history after the theft of its largest instrument.

The College has been raising money for the restoration of the Chapel organ, parts of which date from 1605. A team from organ builders Harrison & Harrison arrived this morning to discover that the instrument was missing.

While the porters initially suspected a student prank, a search of the Senate House roof has failed to turn up the instrument. It has now emerged that a group of men with a lorry spent weeks at the College in January and February of this year, and helpful chapel staff allowed them to dismantle the organ without asking for ID.

This represents the College’s single largest loss since the theft of the Bell Tower in 1739.

The organ manuals were taken from the College right in front of Chapel staff.

Have you seen these men? The brazen thieves removed the organ in broad daylight.

A nefarious organ thief at work.

Could this be your neighbour? College officials suspect the theft was orchestrated by an organ-playing scaffolder.

Cambridge TV has more details:


Notes to editors:

1) For more information about the organ restoration fund, visit:

2) Harrison & Harrison really do make very fine organs:

3) Cambridge TV normally scrupulously research their news coverage:

4) This is the latest blow for the beleaguered college, which has already had to contend with the loss of its choristers:


1 April 2016