Dean writes new book on sin

King's Dean, The Reverend Dr Stephen Cherry, has written a new book on sin. The Dark Side of the Soul discusses six clusters of vice as an alternative way to imagining the territory of the deadly sins.

Book cover of The Dark Side of Soul
Cover of The Dark Side of the Soul Larger image

Stephen argues that although the traditional list of deadly sins is no longer of much help to people, it is a mistake to dismiss entirely the idea that some attitudes, habits or even pleasures are more harmful than we realise. While his book does explore the traditional sins like greed and lust, it also explores more contemporary ills like perfectionism, the desire for control and certainty.

Published by Bloomsbury, The Dark Side of the Soul is a follow-up to Stephen’s 2012 book which explores how people cope in the aftermath of shattering harm. Healing Agony: Re-imagining Forgiveness has recently been shortlisted for the Michael Ramsey Prize for contemporary theological writing.

The Dark Side of the Soul is available for purchase from Bloomsbury and in the King's College Visitor Centre. More information about Stephen is available from his blog, Another Angle.

25 February 2016