King's hosts modern book collecting conference

Photograph of A.N.L. Munby
A.N.L. (Tim) Munby, taken by AC Barrington Brown (Coll Photo 329). Larger image

On June 18th to 19th, King’s College will host a conference focused on modern private collecting. The conference, ‘Mania and Imagination: Perils and pleasures of the private collector present and future’, serves as a follow-up to a 2013 conference, ‘Floreat Bibliomania’ - Great Collectors and their Grand Designs. The 2013 conference celebrated the life and achievements of A.N.L. (Tim) Munby, King’s Librarian from 1946-1974 and pioneer of the historical study of book collecting.

Image of Great collectors and their grand designs
Cover of Great collectors and their grand designs: A centenary celebration of the life and work of A.N.L. Munby. Larger image

As private book collecting was one of Munby’s great interests, ‘Mania and Imagination’ aims to explore its current status and future directions. The event will host invited speakers who are themselves either collectors, involved in the manuscript or book trade, or researchers of modern collectors and their collections. Principal speakers include Justin Croft, Mirjam Foot, Meg Ford, Peter Jones, Michael Meredith and Toshiyuki Takamiya.

In addition to themed discussion panels, the conference will include presentations from young collectors and bibliographers. The full programme is available for viewing.

Registration for ‘Mania and Imagination’ is now available. Further information is available from the King's College Library.  The proceedings of the 2013 conference were published previously in a special issue of the Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society.

12 February 2016