Conservation film series features King's CRA

The University of Cambridge Conversation Research Institute (UCCRI) released a series of eight films to promote the breadth of research connected to biodiversity conservation. King’s CRA, Dr Maximilian Bock, is featured in one of the eight short videos, ‘Natural materials in the construction sector’.

Established in 2013, the UCCRI has fostered interdisciplinary approaches to conservation research, including collaborations with non-academic partners outside the University. The series of films showcases this wide range of research, from the Ethiopian Bush Crow to Winnie the Pooh to ancient Latin American languages.

Photo of Dr Maximilian Bock

King's CRA, Dr Maximilian Bock, conducting bamboo research in the field.

In his video interview, Maximilian discusses his work between the division of architecture and engineering and its relevance for nature conservation. Specifically, he talks about how sustainable materials were used in transitional housing after the 2013 typhoon in the Philippines, an outcome from the work of his colleagues Ana Gatóo and Elizabeth Wagemann at EcoHouse Research. This initiative is a multidisciplinary program aiming to facilitate sustainable growth in the context of poverty and climate change in the developing world.

“You could easily use the local resources of bamboo, which have been unearthed by the wind and other things, to feed into quick transitional housing that can be built by the communities themselves. This has now been taken up by NGOs internationally as a guideline for exactly those purposes - where a disaster has hit a community, there’s an abundance of bamboo materials and they can now apply them to come up with quick solutions to transitional housing,” says Maximilian.

In 2014, Maximilian was one of the first CRAs to be appointed at King’s. Further information is available about the College Research Associates. Maximilian is a former member of the Natural Materials and Structures group in the Department of Architecture, and now works in the Resource Efficiency group in the Department of Engineering.

15 April 2016