King’s Fellow gives TEDx Talk

Photo of Angela Breitenbach

King's Fellow Angela Breitenbach recently gave a TEDx talk at the University of the Arts London. In her talk, "Can theories be beautiful?", Angela explores whether such abstract things as scientific theories can actually be beautiful. Referencing Kepler's laws of planetary motion, Angela argues that beauty is not restricted to the domains of nature and the arts but can be found in science and in our intellectual pursuits more widely.

Angela explains: “What makes us appreciate Kepler’s theory is how understanding the laws evokes fundamental insights into the truth about a whole range of various phenomena. What is so pleasing and even moving about reflecting on Kepler’s theory is seeing how these simple laws can point to universal truths about something so complex and often so apparently messy as the movements in the sky.”

Angela's full TEDx talk is available online. Angela is currently a Lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy and Pro Futura Fellow at CRASSH. Her research focuses on Kant and the history of modern philosophy, the philosophy of science, and aesthetics. To learn more about Angela's research visit her website.

21 May 2016