King's publishes Saltmarsh's Chapel book

John Saltmarsh's book cover
Cover of John Saltmarsh's King’s College Chapel: A History and Commentary Larger image

King’s has published a limited edition of John Saltmarsh’s King’s College Chapel: A History and Commentary. This scholarly edition commemorates Saltmarsh’s legacy and the 500th anniversary of the completion of the stonework of the Chapel.

A historian and the College's archivist, John Saltmarsh undertook extensive research on the Chapel. His magnum opus, King's College Chapel: A History and Commentary, features his significant new perspective on the iconic Chapel. Until now, this manuscript was left unpublished, available only to visitors of the King's College Archive Centre.

John Saltmarsh
John Saltmarsh (1908-1974). (College Archives: Coll Ph 9. Photo by Robert Le Rougetel, 1965.) Larger image

In the published volume, readers will find a transcript of the former Vice Provost’s working copy, including his notes and annotation, alongside a biography prepared by the College and contemporary reports on the manuscript. The volume is in two books, the History and the Commentary. A more detailed description of the volume is available from the Archive Centre page, including reviews and a slideshow of images.

The limited edition volume has a print-run of just 500 copies. Each copy will be numbered and signed by the editors. The hardback comprises 368 pages, including 95 plates. John Saltmarsh's King’s College Chapel: A History and Commentary is available to purchase from The Shop at King's.

11 November 2015