First Impressions of King’s: Old and New

For the last two weekends, King's celebrated Alumni Weekend followed by Matriculation for the class of 2015. Alumni and freshers alike were asked about their first impressions of King's. The following represents a collection of their responses:

"My first thought was freedom. That's what it meant to be part of King's in particular."

Brian Infield, 1943


"My first thought was that's a pretty big chapel."

Abdulla Zaman, 2015


"Quite overwhelmed, but in a positive sense. It was quite a liberating experience to be amongst people I got on with -- something quite different from a boring home and a boring school."

Andrew Black, 1975


"Chill, in the sense that you don't need to own a gown."

Karolina Hes, 2015


"I was slightly in awe of it. But you couldn't spend all your time in awe of it, you had to do the work."

Jonathan Moore, 1970


"Almost not real, like a photo off a postcard."

Olivia Crabtree, 2015


"Photogenic. I remember looking up at the buildings, and they all looked like photographs."

Chad Allen, 2008


"I remember it like it was yesterday. I was totally overawed. I'll never forget. It was the first time I’d ever been in a taxi. I said ‘King’s please’, and when I arrived, the porters knew me by name. It was like something from the movies."

Professor Deri Tomos, 1970


"I do not remember. I imagine I was impressed."

Daniel Unruh, 2010


"The keys turn the opposite way of what you'd expect."

Gabriel Cradden, 2015


"I was struck by the luxury of the en suite bathroom. And I remember a very fancy dinner, actually quite a number of fancy dinners."

Neil Davies, 1975


"Really good, really pretty, and really friendly. "

Izzi Williams, 2015


"It looks like Hogwarts."

Katrin Heider, 2015


"I first arrived with the feeling of history and the feeling that everyone else is incredibly clever."

Marcus de Frettes, 1975


"Beautiful in the sun... and big."

Emily Dan, 2015


"I like everything about it. I like the King's Voices. I like that today I talked about the arts and architecture with new people. For someone like me, who is always in the lab setting, I love the variety of people."

Iva Filapobic, 2015

8 October 2015