New online resource: Introduction to Archives

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To commemorate the centenary of the death of Rupert Brooke, who died on 23 April 1915, King’s has created a significant online resource called ‘Introduction to Archives: Rupert Brooke’.

The website uses the papers of this famous poet and King’s alumnus to teach A-level and motivated GCSE students the skills required for archival research. Demonstrating that archives are not just for historians, it should also appeal to English students and anybody with a curiosity about primary sources.

The site is in two parts. The first part gives you an overview of archives, and covers topics like authenticity and reliability, diplomatics, collecting policies, how to find records, and how to use a reading room.

The second part makes use of the extensive collection of Rupert Brooke papers at King's. It uses them to show the types of research possible in archives, and focuses on local history (‘Grantchester’), military history (‘The Soldier’) and biography (‘The Myth’).

To further help students to learn, the site has interactive activities, discussion topics, a glossary and further reading. There are also notes for teachers.

See Introduction to Archives: Rupert Brooke.

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27 April 2015