David Hillman co-edits a new book: The Body in Literature

Cover of 'The Body in Literature'

King's Fellow Dr David Hillman has co-edited a new book: The Cambridge Companion to The Body in Literature (CUP, 2015).

The book is the first in-depth study of how the human body has been represented in literature, and how our understanding of the body has changed from the Middle Ages to the present.

It covers themes such as race, ageing, obesity, maternity and death. It also looks at how science has constructed our notions of the body through disciplines such as obstetrics, sexology and neurology.

The chapters are written by noted scholars in their field, who draw upon poetry, prose, drama and film.

Ulrika Maude (University of Bristol) is the other co-editor of the book. You can find more details about the book and a table of contents on the Cambridge University Press website.

Dr Hillman is a Fellow in English and Director of Studies at King's. For a list of his publications and research interests, see his department webpage.

29 May 2015