Robert Foley wins international anthropology prize

Robert Foley

King's Fellow Prof Robert Foley has just won the Fabio Frassetto International Prize for Physical Anthropology 2015. The Prize is given annually by the Academia Nazionale dei Lincei (Rome) for research contributions and achievements in physical anthropology.

Prof Foley is the University's Leverhulme Professor of Human Evolution. He co-founded the Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies (LCHES), a research centre devoted to multi-disciplinary approaches to human evolution.

He has worked on many aspects of prehistory and human evolution, from the evolution of human social behaviour to the origins of modern humans and historical linguistics. His work draws on both archaeological and biological principles and methods. His current research is based in Kenya. For more details and a list of Prof Foley's publications see his department webpage.

The Prize ceremony took place on Thursday 11 June, with the President of Italy attending.

16 June 2015