Chinese ambassador opens exhibition in the Chapel

Yeh Chun Chan at Kings
Yeh Chun Chan visiting King's in 1982

Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming opened an exhibition about the Chinese writer and translator Yeh Chun Chan in the Chapel last week.

The opening ceremony was presided over by the Vice Provost, Dr Rob Wallach, and was also attended by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Prof Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, the Mayor of Cambridge, Cllr Robert Dryden, the Vice-Chancellor of Wuhan University, Prof Luo Yuting, and Chun Chan's son, Mr Yeh Nianlun.

Yeh Chun Chan (1914-99) studied English at Wuhan University in the 1930s, where became friends with Julian Bell (son of Bloomsbury Group members Clive and Vanessa Bell, and the nephew of Virginia Woolf). He began publishing in English and came to the UK during World War Two to work for the BBC.

Guests at the opening ceremony
Guests at the opening ceremony. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming is in the centre of the back row. Click or tap the image to start a slideshow.

He aided the BBC's propaganda effort by giving speeches about the Chinese struggle against the Japanese, and after the war got a British Council grant to study Literature at King's.

He returned to China and translated many works of European Literature into Chinese. He is most famous in China for translating Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales from Danish into Chinese.

The photographic exhibition was co-curated by King's Fellow Professor Alan Macfarlane FBA and Research Associate of Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, Zilan Wang. It runs from 20 July to the end of August 2015 in the Antechapel. Entry is included in the Chapel admission ticket.

The exhibition is held in association with the Cambridge Rivers Project (University of Cambridge), King’s College Archive Centre, the Vanishing Worlds Foundation, Wuhan University (China) Archive Centre and Yeh Chun Chan's family.

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28 July 2015