Samuel Beckett multimedia event planned for the Chapel

Photo projected on a Chapel door

A multimedia event called 'Samuel Beckett in dialogue with King’s College Chapel' will take place from 2 to 6 November.

The event has been organised by King's Fellows Prof Christopher Prendergast (French) and Prof Peter de Bolla (English), and will involve video and photography projected onto the Chapel, accompanied by recorded readings from Beckett's plays.

The event will last about an hour and is conceived of as an unfolding experience to be seen from beginning to end rather than as a static exhibition. During the hour the projections will start inside the Chapel and move along the walls from the east end to the west.

Central to the imagery of the event will be the photographs of John Haynes, who was photographer at The Royal Court Theatre in the 1970s, where many of the classic Beckett productions were staged.

The event will culminate in a newly commissioned light work by David Ward and Susie Olczak projected onto the outside the Chapel.

For more details see the event web page. For enquiries please email Prof Prendergast (

The Saturday after the event (Saturday 7 November) there will be a concert by pianist and composer John Tibury, whose work is inspired by Beckett. For details of this see Concerts at King's.

23 January 2015