Pat Bateson receives the Frink Medal

Pat Bateson

Prof Sir Pat Bateson FRS has just received the Frink Medal from the The Zoological Society of London. The Frink Medal is the Society's highest award for Zoologists, and recognises 'significant and original contributions' to zoology.

Prof Bateson is a Fellow of King's and a former Provost of the College. He is currently Emeritus Professor of Ethology at the university's Department of Zoology.

He has worked extensively on the relationship between physiology and behaviour, the neural mechanisms behind imprinting, and how behaviour and development affect evolution. He has also written about the ethics of using animals in research, and the impact of play on creativity.

He will be presented the Frink Medal at the Zoological Society's Stamford Raffles Lecture in June.

23 February 2015