Sir Adrian Cadbury (1929-2015)

The Honorary Fellow Sir (George) Adrian (Hayhurst) Cadbury died aged 86 on Thursday 3 September. Having studied Economics at King's, he went on to become a pioneer of corporate governance, producing a seminal report on the subject in 1992. Throughout his very successful business career (including chairing Cadbury Limited for twenty four years), he maintained his family's tradition of social responsibility, a tradition shaped by their Quaker heritage.  Sir Adrian was also fully committed to supporting education, both by generous financial donations and also by serving as Chancellor of Aston University for twenty five years.  For the College, Sir Adrian worked as a fundraiser for the King's boat club in addition to supporting restoration of the Great Organ, the Chapel Foundation appeal and the Supplementary Exhibition Fund for student support.

At King's, Sir Adrian pursued his keen interest in rowing. He replaced Alastair Eddie as stroke for the King's first boat in 1950. Along with another King's student, G.T. Marshall, he represented the University in the annual boat race against Oxford in 1952. The May bumps of 1952 were particularly memorable for the King's boat club and, to this day, are considered their most successful; the King's first to fifth boats jumped 4, 1, 4, 9 and 4 places respectively. In July of that same year, Sir Adrian rowed for Great Britain in the Helsinki Olympics, finishing fourth in the coxless fours. He has been quoted as describing the experience as ``the greatest thing that ever happened to me''.

 More information about Adrian's life, career and philanthropy may be found online at the Guardian, the Telegraph, The Times and the Independent.


29 September 2015