HE Durham Fund for Cambridge undergraduates

Student with a pipette
This is an archived news item from 2014.

Students at the University of Cambridge are invited to apply for small grants to fund their biological or medical research during the Long Vacation.

The grants are given from the HE Durham Fund, which is administered from King's. Here is the Fund's announcement:

"The Administrators of the HE Durham Fund give notice that small grants may be made for the purpose of advancing, improving, or disseminating knowledge of human or animal life in health or in disease.

"The Administrators invite applications from individual Cambridge undergraduates for grants to enable them to study or assist in research within the subjects specified above for about eight weeks during the Long Vacation. They do this in the hope that experience of this kind may help undergraduates, as potential research workers, in their choice of subject at a later date. Applications for expeditions or electives will rarely qualify. Some money may also be available to assist graduates with specific research projects of short duration."

If you would like to apply for the fund please download the application form (Word format; PDF format).

The form should can be submitted electronically or as a hard copy to the Senior Tutor’s Assistant at King’s College (email: senior.tutor@cam.ac.uk) by Tuesday 6 May 2014. It is hoped that successful candidates will be informed by the middle of June.

23 April 2014