Archive of the month: the cats of King's

E.M. Forster (left) and T.S. Eliot (right) probably at Virginia Woolf’s home Monk’s House, c.1922.  (EMF/27/349)

E.M. Forster (left) and T.S. Eliot

The latest Archive of the month looks at the cats recorded in the King's archives. It mentions EM Forster's cat and TS Eliot's as well as a cat seen by the narrator in Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own.

There is also a letter by the ghost story writer MR James (once the Provost of King's), in which he describes his battle with a college cat, Cato.

See Friends: Feline friends, the first of a new series of Archive of the month with friends as the theme.

2 April 2014