Pianist Susan Tomes wins the 2013 Cobbett Medal

Susan Tomes

The pianist Susan Tomes has just been awarded the 2013 Cobbett Medal 'for distinguished services to chamber music'. Susan was the first woman to study Music at King's. She arrived with the first female undergraduates of the College in 1972.

She is now one of the leading pianists in the UK. She has recorded over fifty CDs and won international awards such as Gramophone Awards, Classic CD awards, Diapasons d’Or in France, and Deutsche Schallplattenpreise. She has been particularly energetic in promoting the role of the piano in chamber music.

Susan has also written three acclaimed books on life as a musician, and she writes occasional articles for The Guardian.

Last weekend she held a mini-residency at the College, where she gave a pre-concert talk and a masterclass as well as a concert.

Past recipients of the Cobbett Medal include Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Pablo Casals and Yehudi Menuhin.

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25 February 2013