King's students to show their research in Parliament

Alexander Hackmann

Alexander Hackmann

Charlotte Houldcroft

Charlotte Houldcroft

Two King's PhD students, Alexander Hackmann and Charlotte Houldcroft, are going to Parliament on 18 March to present posters about their research.

Their work was shortlisted from over 1500 entries to the 'SET for Britain' competition, which aims to support and promote early career scientists.

Alexander and Charlotte will be entering their posters in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences section of the competition. Alexander's research is about how insects use evolutionarily optimised cleaning structures on their legs to cope with contamination of their body surface. Charlotte's is about how human genetics influence our susceptibility to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), the virus that causes glandular fever.

The posters will be viewed by politicians as well as a panel of leading academics.

Alexander said, “It is a great opportunity to meet those in power and to demonstrate how basic research in biology can inspire scientists to create biomimetic solutions for human problems.”

Charlotte reiterated this sentiment: “I feel this is a great chance to explain my work to a really wide audience, including the politicians who make science funding decisions.”

The best posters will be awarded a bronze (£1,000), silver (£2,000) or gold (£3,000) award. For details see the SET for Britain website.

We wish Alexander and Charlotte the best of luck!

11 March 2013