Tower Hamlets schoolchildren inspired by visit to King's

Children walking into King's

The children arriving at King's

The Chaplain talking to the children

The Chaplain (left) speaking to the children

Children from Culloden Primary School in London visited King's earlier this autumn and have written to express their appreciation. The children come to Cambridge every year, visit Sidney Sussex College and King's, and end their day with a punting trip.

On their recent visit the King's Chaplain, The Revd Richard Lloyd Morgan, showed the children round the college. He took them into the Chapel and told them what it's like to live and study at a Cambridge college, and gave them advice on what they could do if they wanted to apply to Cambridge when they were older. The children could also ask Richard any questions they wanted, about what he did at Cambridge and how he came to be at King's.

Since the visit, Richard has since received many warm letters from the children.

Rifat wrote: "The greatest highlight was your advice to help me on which decisions to make and how I can open new doors in my mind...The day was so wonderful I wish it would rewind."

Marina wrote: "Thanks to you, now I know I would like to go to a top university and become an astronomer."

Armani wrote: "Due to your very inspiring speech, you will be interested to know that I have taken studying more seriously and have decided that I will do my 11+ after my SATs."

But the visit was not all about career prospects. Richard gave them a short history of the Chapel, and mentioned that people were buried under the Chapel floor. "My favourite part", wrote Tamanna, "was when you told us about the dead bodies, due to the fact that I love horror movies."
11 November 2013