Librarian's ghost stories re-issued

The Alabaster Hand (cover)

The Alabaster Hand, a collection of ghost stories by bibliographer and former King’s librarian 'Tim' Munby, is being re-issued in a limited edition.

Alan Noel Latimer ('Tim') Munby (1913-1974) studied at King's and then joined the army at the outbreak of war. He was captured in Calais in 1940 and wrote The Alabaster Hand while a PoW in Germany. The book is now being reissued by The Sundial Press.

Munby's centenary is being celebrated with a conference in King’s on 28-29 June. Richard Heffer, who played the part of Captain Tim Downing on the BBC series Colditz, will read from Munby's book at the conference dinner.

Munby’s Baedeker-style guide to his prison camp has been newly unearthed by conference speaker Liam Sims. A photograph of Munby dressed as Henry VIII and surrounded by child courtiers was recently published by the Times Literary Supplement, together with an article about the conference.

The full conference programme and booking form are now available on the King's members' website. Bookings must be received (by fax or post) by 14 June.

24 May 2013