King's launches an online magazine

Screen shot of King's Review

King's has launched a new online magazine called King's Review. The magazine will bring together academic expertise and current affairs journalism, and so offer more in-depth articles than would be possible without a base in academia.

It will provide broad and timely coverage of important world issues while maintaining the rigour of a peer-reviewed journal.

The first issue contains contributions from current King's members. Future issues will also contain pieces by expert writers from beyond the King's community. In the first issue:

  • Jonas Tinius on Europe-wide cuts to the arts
  • Nicholas Mulder on the security state's threat to democracy
  • Ryan Rafaty on the university investments that are damaging our environment
  • Dana Smith on the official pathologisation of normal behaviours
  • Pedro Spivakovsky-Gonzalez on the consequences of the Arab Spring

The magazine is bi-monthly and you can read it at

28 February 2013