Honorary Fellow Sir Geoffrey Lloyd wins $1 million prize

Sir Geoffrey Lloyd

Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd has just won a Dan David Prize for his contribution to our understanding of the modern legacy of the ancient world. The award comes with $1 million prize money.

Since the 1960s, Sir Geoffrey has published original and influential work on science in the Classical world. More recently, he has extended his studies to compare ancient Greek and Chinese science, and to investigate the theory of psychic unity in mankind.

In the latter work, he has examined the theory that human beings have a similar mental structure, so that societies will develop similar technologies, behaviours and institutions, despite having little or no contact with each other.

His works have influenced a broad range of disciplines, including history, sociology and anthropology. For the full award citation see the Dan David Prize website.

Sir Geoffrey was a Fellow of King's from 1957 to 1989, and as Senior Tutor he oversaw the admission of the first women to the College. He worked at the University as a Lecturer then Reader in Classics, and was Professor of Ancient Philosophy and Science from 1983 to 2000. He was elected an Honorary Fellow of King's in 1991.

He is currently Senior Scholar in Residence at the Needham Research Institute, and a member of the Faculty of Classics at the University.

15 February 2013