King's Fellow wins €1.5M grant

Andreas Bender

King's Fellow Dr Andreas Bender has been awarded a European Research Council grant worth €1.5 million to discover the effects that combinations of chemicals have in the human body.

The impact that chemicals have on people is difficult to predict, and often requires lengthy and expensive tests to assess (including animal studies).

The problem is complicated by the fact that tens of thousands of chemicals are used in industrial products, and so millions of compounds combinations exist, all of which are difficult to evaluate experimentally.

Andreas will develop new computational methods to integrate chemical and biological data and predict which compound combinations are more toxic than others.

He will also use the huge amount of chemical, biological and clinical data in life science databases, together with machine learning models, to predict the effect of drug combinations. By this means he is hoping to either increase the efficacy of drug combinations or to decrease their side effects.

For more information on the group and contact details, see Andreas' department webpage.

23 July 2013