Two students to row 24 hours for charity

Two postgraduate students will row 24 hours to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Ildar Gaisin and Josh Keeler will row in tandem in front of the college on King's Parade. They will start at noon on Saturday 10 March and finish at noon the next day, and will be joined at intervals by members of King's College Boat Club (KCBC), who will row with them.

The mammoth row is partly to show support for one the KCBC coxes, Kate McCutcheon, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour last year (see the news story).

It is also to raise money to combat a disease that has affected the rowers deeply. They both lost parents to cancer when they were teenagers.

There will be a charity desk outside the college on the day, where you can donate as the students are rowing. But you can also sponsor them now on their JustGiving website.

29 February 2012