Road closure: King's Parade now open

Map of roadworks

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Update (Thursday 27 September): King's Parade is now open again.

Roadworks on King's Parade at the junction with Bene't Street may prevent new and returning students from dropping their belongings off at the front of the College. Normally it is possible to park for a short time period near the Front Gate, but the works by Anglian Water may prevent public access by car.

The works are predicted to end on 28 September, but may extend beyond that. If you are a new or returning student who would like to park on King's Parade then check this page nearer the time of your arrival. It will be updated to give you the latest information on the roadworks.

If it is not possible to unload outside the College, you will need to park at Garden Hostel (off West Road).

17 September 2012