Nicholas Marston discusses Schubert on Radio 3

Dr Nicholas Marston

Dr Nicholas Marston

King's Fellow Dr Nicholas Marston was interviewed yesterday on BBC Radio 3's The Schubert Lab. Nicholas talked to Tom Service about the relationship between Schubert's music and landscape.

The programme was broadcast from the National Gallery in London. Nicholas illustrates the parallels between Schubert's music and landscape by comparing one of the paintings in the gallery, Caspar David Friedrich's 'Winter Landscape', to the slow movement of Schubert's Piano Sonata in B-flat major (D960).

You can still listen to the interview on the BBC iPlayer. The programme is listed as 'Episode 2', and the interview starts at 1:09. You can also watch a video of the interview below.

Radio 3 is celebrating the 215th anniversary of Schubert's birth by devoting its entire schedule to him for the last eight days of March. The Schubert Lab series is part of this celebration, and takes an in-depth but informal look at Schubert and his music.

Nicholas is Director of Studies in Music at King's. You can find more about his work on his faculty webpage.

28 March 2012