Light show to be projected onto the Chapel

A light show will be projected onto the East End of the Chapel on 15 and 16 November. The show is called 'Plenum' and it is a computer-generated light projection created by Simeon Nelson, with a soundtrack by Nick Rothwell and programming by Rob Godman.

It was inspired by Simeon Nelson's conversations with astrophysicist Professor David Wilkinson, and 'accounts of how the world came into being and how the cosmos maintains life and consciousness'.

The show runs in 15-minute sequences. Each sequence starts with a static grid of dots, but over time some dots begin to move and dislodge the dots around them. The grid becomes more fluid and starts rippling as dots pop in and out of existence. Finally, the grid evolves into chaos and fades. The computer programs create a constantly renewing patterns of dots and music, so no two 15-minute iterations are ever the same.

The show is part of the Cambridge Music Festival, and will run 7pm - 10.30pm on Thursday and 7pm - 10pm on Friday. You can watch it from outside the College on King's Parade. For more about the inspiration behind the show see the artist Simeon Nelson's blog.

Below is a time-lapse video of the show on Durham Cathedral.

9 November 2012