New drama society stages Sartre play

Poster for 'No Exit'

The new King's College Drama Society is staging Jean-Paul Sartre's play 'No Exit' next Monday and Tuesday (12 and 13 March).

The Drama Society was formed at the end of last term by King's students involved in the Cambridge drama scene. The students decided to nurture drama within the college as well as participate in the surrounding drama societies. They hope to start of a long-term, thriving drama community in King's, with plans for a May Week play next term.

'No Exit' (Huis Clos) will be their first production. The play is a vision of the afterlife unlike any other. Three damned souls are brought to a room in hell by a mysterious Valet, and instead of torture devices to punish them for eternity they find a plain room. The three characters gradually learn why their companions have been damned, and what fate they are all suffering.

Sartre's existentialist philosophy combines with a great insight into human weakness to create this brilliant depiction of a hell devoid of fire or red-hot pokers. Instead, its inhabitants find something much more chilling within themselves.

The play starts at 8pm in the newly reopened King's Bunker (formerly the Cellar Bar). Tickets are £5 and you can book them on the King's Drama Society website.

8 March 2012