The Choir's Dijon concert gets a glowing review

The Choir at Dijon

The Choir rehearsing at Dijon

The Choir received a warm reception at their Dijon concert last Saturday. The local newspaper, Le Bien Public, gave the concert at L'Opera de Dijon a glowing review.

The Choir, it said, lived up to its reputation. The vocal technique of the singers was 'quite simply extraordinary'. They were 'always responsive to the directions of their conductor even though the second part of their programme involved formidable complexity in harmony, rhythm and melody.'

The 'simplicity and suppleness' of Stephen Cleobury's direction, it said, 'perfectly supported the ensemble'. In conclusion, the reviewer called the concert 'a fine example of choral prowess'.

The Choir sang a range of English music from the sixteenth century to the present, including works by Tallis, Byrd, Walton and Vaughan Williams. They also sang last year's specially-commissioned carol, composed by Tansy Davies.

Read the review at Le Bien Public.

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19 January 2012