Archive of the month takes a sporting theme

Photo of King's and Frankfurt rugby team players

Players from the King's and the Frankfurt rugby teams

The new Archive of the month features photos of sportsmen at King's in the Edwardian era. The photos come from an album donated by Charles Mackay Keddie, who studied at King's from 1909 to 1912. Keddie was a keen sportsman and his photos show rugby, cricket and athletics teams.

You can also see the letter that Keddie wrote to the college in 1970 when he was 81. He had no wife or children, and didn't want the album to be given to 'some second-hand bookseller to lie about and moulder in some damp cellar or attic.' So he sent it to the college 'in the hope it would find some humble place among the archives.'

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2 February 2012